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We are also pleased to be an authorized distributor for NRC Industries. Designed and built in Canada, the NRC sliding rotator provides the safest lifting capacity in the industry. All NRC wreckers are structure tested 25% over the working limit. Besides building large rotators like the 5003SR 50 ton Incident Manager, NRC offers many towing products. There is a fixed boom line 15 to 30 ton capacity. Sliders are 20 to 60 ton capacity and can be ordered in a 3 stage boom. Anything NRC builds can be customized as evident in the amount of options that are available with the Rollbacks and QuickSwaps they build.

Whatever your needs contact us first for up to date information and price quotes. (972)278-0066

  Sliding Rotator 50/65 SR

  Sliding Rotator 40/50 SR

  Composite Slider 50 CS

  Composite Slider 40 CS

  Carriers 10,000-TB

  Carriers 20,000-TB

  Carriers 40,000-TB

  Quickswap with Tag Axle